Join Merrydine Instant Rewards
And Get More Happy Customers

Merrydine is an instant “Book Your Table” rewards programme that help restaurants to increase online table bookings and generate more revenue by rewarding new and existing customers with a “Thank You” loyalty and rewards promotional offers.

Our reward programme targets high end social media networks and other online advertising channels to grow visibility for your business and deliver larger customer base.

How It Works?

To understand how Merrydine works? Simply view our homepage and you will see how restaurants being advertised, yours could be there too. Thousands of customers view those advertised promotions regularly and ready to make a booking.

  1. Register your restaurant service with Merrydine by completing the simple online form (5 minutes) for basic information about your business. It is completely free to register and does not commit you to any monthly fee or fixed contract. We will add necessary pictures and text for your restaurant once your registration have been completed.
  2. In your new account, simply request a New Campaign from the “New Campaign” menu item on the left of the screen, and follow screen instructions and we will do the rest. Customers are able to view your live campaign within hours from launch.
  3. Start getting table bookings. Login to your Merrydine account and view the incoming bookings through your Dashboard. Each time a new booking is submitted the system will automatically notify you so you can confirm the booking date and time for the customer.

Your business and Merrydine!

  • Merrydine is one of the simplest online promotional portals that works at no risk to your business. Simply use it to maintain regular customer growth and reward your customers with a “Thank You” offer.
  • Transparent and fair charges, we only charge £1.50 for the whole table booking no matter how many guests. No cover charges per person or any other hidden charges. The system will actually tell you how many bookings you received during the month taking into consideration Cancelled or No Show up bookings which will not be charged.
  • We do not take any financial transactions from your customers, when customers visit your restaurant they will pay you directly. This can help your cashflow and we do not hold any funds (like some other platforms) that needs to be settled later with your restaurant.
  • Get great exposure on Merrydine website and other social channels when your promotional campaign is published.
  • Receive new bookings and only apply the promotion to those bookings that does not conflict with your regular paying customers.
  • You can choose discount rates, deals or offers that suits your business, and customise them for certain days of the week, or limit the number of bookings that suits your business. For example if you decide to allocate 200 bookings for one month and they all sell out, you will have a choice to increase them or allocate more for the following month.
Merrydine is a reward marketing service designed for restaurants to launch cut-price campaigns to reward you “The Customer” with value deals and offers
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