Frequently Asked Questions

All you need to do is book your table on Merrydine and Save!

What is Merrydine website?

Merrydine is an online Table Booking Rewards Programme designed exclusively for restaurant. We have teamed up with many restaurants to bring you rich cuisine’s variety at promotional prices. All you need to do is Book Your Table for the desired restaurant and the promotion is automatically applied at the time of your visit.

How do I make a booking?

Simply browse through Merrydine participating restaurants available in your desired area, if you find something that you like, click the “View Details” Green Button. This will bring up the complete details of the promotion. View the details and conditions of the offer, if you wish to continue with the booking, simply click the blue button “Book Your Table & Save”. You must login to your account before you can place the booking. If you already have an account you are able to place the booking immediately, just complete the simple booking form to tell the restaurant the date and time of your visit. If you have not registered yet, you will be promoted to create a Merrydine account so your bookings can be processed and stored.

Does my booking has to be Confirmed before visiting the restaurant?

Yes, all bookings must be confirmed back to you by the restaurant before making your visit (usually by email). Like with any other reservation, when you make a booking with a restaurant (even by phone) the restaurant must check availability and confirm your booking for the required date and time. If no table is available, the restaurant may offer an alternative date or time.

Can I cancel my booking?

Yes, it is alway good to let the restaurant know that you are not going to be there, this will help the staff to allocate your table to other customers. In the event that you cannot meet your booking date, we would kindly ask you to contact the restaurant by phone to cancel your booking.

How do I know my Booking status?

When you submit your booking through Merrydine, the restaurant will receive this booking on their system, they check availability and confirm back to you that “Your table is confirmed”. Normally this is done within hours, but in busy times it may take up to 24 hours or more to confirm your table. If you do not receive a confirmation for any reason, we suggest that you call the restaurant by phone and explain that you made your booking through Merrydine Promotional Site.

What is a Discount Booking?

The discount booking provides you with a range of bill reduction starting at 5% and up to %50 on your table bill. Sometimes restaurants intend to restrict the discount to certain items for example they apply the discount to the food bill but not alcoholic drinks. It is advisable to read the conditions carefully before making the booking.

What is a Deal Booking?

These are set-deal promotions, a restaurant may introduce a reduced deal on the normal price they usually charge. A typical example of this: a normal price of £25 that may include a starter, main course, dessert and a drink is reduced to £16 on certain days of the week. You are not committed in advance to pay the deal amount, however, when you make a booking through Merrydine, the restaurant is notified about this deal and will appear next to your booking details.

What is an Offer Booking?

A good example of this type of promotion is that a restaurant may offer a Free bottle of wine with your meal for specified number of guests, each restaurant have their own way of making this type of promotion, so please read the offer conditions carefully before placing the booking.

What are the conditions shown on the promotion page mean?

When a restaurant launch a promotional campaign, they usually assign certain conditions or limitations. For example a restaurant may impose certain conditions on the days of the week or time of day when the promotional booking is accepted. It is a good idea to check those lines including the expiry date of the promotion before making the booking.

What if I have a problem with my booking?

We would like you to feel that you are in good hands and we are always available to solve any issues. We do our best to help make your experience pleasant and enjoyable. Merrydine system uses latest technologies to ensure smooth and reliable exchange of information between our server and our participating restaurants. Sometimes for reasons beyond our control systems may be down or Internet connection not available, in this case we ask our customers to contact the restaurant directly to solve any booking issues.

What is the Booking number and how it is used?

When you submit your booking, the system automatically assign a booking number. This number is used to identify your booking just in case its needed for further communication. Merrydine uses a unique numbering system with participating restaurants. Your number may look like this: RRB-5478-087655-123456. The first three letters identify the restaurant, the next four digits is the account number of the restaurant, the next six digits is the campaign number and the last six digits is the serial number of the booking.

How does my User Account work?

Creating a user account is free and help you manage your bookings, in fact you cannot make a booking without having a user account. The account provides you with the necessary tools to reference your past and future bookings, subscribe or unsubscribe for promotional campaigns when launched. You simply need an email address and a password to create your user account.

What happens if there is a dispute with the restaurant I am visiting?

Most our customers have experienced great service and no real issues to report of any kind, in fact the majority have praised and enjoyed great savings. All our participating restaurants have agreed to our Terms of Service before they can offer any promotional material. However, if you feel you need to talk to us about a specific issue, you may use our online form… We are happy to help.

Merrydine is a reward marketing service designed for restaurants to launch cut-price campaigns to reward you “The Customer” with value deals and offers
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