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Merrydine is an online Table Booking Instant Rewards Portal designed exclusively for restaurant. We have teamed up with many restaurants to bring you rich cuisine’s variety at promotional prices. From time to time restaurants launch promotional campaigns to reward you “The Customer” with a “Thank You” value deals and exciting offers for you to save and enjoy. These campaigns are published on Merrydine website for a period of time and usually decided by the restaurant. Simply book your next table at the desired restaurant, and the promotion is automatically applied at the time of your visit.

Promotion Types

Merrydine promotional campaigns designed to instantly rewards our customers with value offers, unlike other rewards programmes where you have to accumulate points over several visits and then cash those points at a later date and then start all over again. We believe that our instant rewards programme is more rewarding and provide greater loyalty with our participating restaurants.

Discount Promotions

Restaurants may introduce promotional discounts on final table bills at certain times. Our discount bookings are exactly that, they provide you with a range of 10%, 15% and up to 50% discounts on your final table bill depending on the campaign.

Deal Promotions

This is a set-deal booking, a typical example of this: a normal price of £25 per person that may include a starter, main course, dessert or a drink is reduced to £15 per person on certain days of the week. The deal may also be restricted to the number of guests depending on the promotion being offered.

Offer Promotions

A restaurant may offer an additional product or menu item, for example a Free glass of wine to accompany your meal, or a Free bottle of house wine for certain number of guests. Each restaurant has their own way of making this type of offer, please check our website regularly for different types of published offers.

About My User Account

Creating a user account is free and help you manage your bookings, in fact you cannot make a booking without having a user account. The account provides you with the necessary tools to reference your past and future bookings, subscribe or unsubscribe for promotional campaigns when launched. You simply need an email address and a password to create your user account.

About Restaurant Account

A restaurant account is your gateway to launch successful campaigns on Merrydine website. Our aim is to provide your customers with great experience and rewards. It is completely free to start a Restaurant Account and it takes less than 5 minutes to setup. It is a great way to reward existing customers and introduce new customers to your business. Please refer to the “Restaurant Account” tab at the top for more details.

About The Company

Merrydine.com and Merrydine.co.uk sites are operated by Merrydine Ltd., registered in England and Wales under company number 9426611. Our trading office address: Suite 8, 41 Thames Street, Windsor SL4 1PR. Our contact number is: 01753 463044, the best email to use if you wish to contact by email: support@merrydine.com

Merrydine is a reward marketing service designed for restaurants to launch cut-price campaigns to reward you “The Customer” with value deals and offers
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